Paleo Kudamm

Start with Paleo

A healthy diet is not easy these days. Conditioned by stress, everyday routines and the fact that there is a temptation on every corner, one forgets with time, that one has to “work” a bit for a good and healthy nutrition. The knowledge is often already there. It is only the habits and temptations that stand in our way.

How do we go about it?

Our guidance is based on the principle of “Paleo nutrition”. The focus here is on unprocessed and high-quality food. The causes of many civilization diseases today are attributable to food, be it sugar additives, health-related additives, or nutrient losses of foodstuffs due to the advancing food industry, which focuses more and more on quantity, rather than on quality.

With the “Paleo nutrition”, we can look back at the nutrition of people in the Stone Age – fresh, eutrophic and unprocessed. This is exactly what our body is designed for and that is exactly what it needs to stay healthy and powerful.

It is you, who stands in the foreground with your needs and goals. Together, we analyse your current dietary behaviour and fathom the problems. In relation to your goals, we work together to develop an effective concept of how we accomplish your goals concerning nutrition. We, from Aprosports, are science-based and always up to date. That is why, we can counsel you competently in changing your diet.

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