Easy Motion Skin makes it possible to train at home or wherever you are. The control system is wireless and is used with an iPhone or iPad. Whether you train in the living room, while running, or in the fitness-centre – with the support of the EMS suite every training increases in efficiency. Easy Motion Skin is developed and produced in Germany.

Your benefits:

  • using EMS everywhere and anytime
  • wireless training – full liberty of action
  • Controlling via iPhone or iPad (via bluetooth)
  • incl. A theoretical and practical instruction in on of our studios
  • free trial training 


Important news at a glance

You can try the EMS training and gear for free in one of our studios. This takes about one hour.

A detailed instruction for the usage of the suite, in theory and in practicing EMS training as well as for training methods is inclusive at the bargain. The schooling takes, depending on the experience, about 3-6 hours.

You can refresh your knowledge at our studio for 79,- Euro per hour.

Android powered devices are not usable. The training is only possible with an iPad/iPhone.

For safety reasons only two strength trainings are possible in one week. Cardio training can be performed as often as you want.

You do not need underwear for the suite and the electrodes do not have to be wetted.

The training suite is easily to wash in the machine at the delicate cycle.

You can pay whether in rates:

  • monthly 132,78 € at a run time of 24 months
  • monthly 91,44 € at a run time of 36 months
  • monthly 70,81 € at a run time of 48 months

or as a single payment for 2975 €.