Dear guests,

My name is Alex, I am a certified sports scientist and the founder of Aprosports.

Before I founded Aprosports I worked in big fitness centres. I never liked the impersonal atmosphere, and that it does not matter whether a member is coming or not.

Under this directive I founded Aprosports. We enable short, intensive and personal trainings on dates. Furthermore we support our clients with the possibility of a private physiotherapy or several kinds of massages.

By now we own three locations in Berlin, at Stadtmitte, Kurfürstendamm and in Zehlendorf.

Convince yourself of our concept and test us at a free trial.

I am looking forward to seeing you in our studio!

Alexander Fleischmann, CEO AproSports GmbH

Unser Team

Andreas is now for over six years an integral part of Aprosports and has always a good overview of the clients and the trainers.

Enno is a great physiotherapist and masseur. He is the person in charge for the whole physiotherapy-sector.

Jannis Aprosports

Jannis’ kind nature assures our guests, as she remains conscientious of the interests of our clients and members.

Adam Aprosports

Adam strives towards motivating not only our guests, but also our team. His quick-wit and humor always makes those around him feel at ease.

Steffen AproSports

Steffen shines by remaining level-headed and inventive when creating and incorporating variety into training regimens.

Jared AproSports

Jared brings experience to the table, as a former competitive swimmer. He incorporates his expertise as an athlete in creating trainings. His trainings promise to challenge your body!

David Aprosports

David is knowledgeable and well versed in all sectors, so no questions stay unanswered.