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For over seven years, we have offered professional supervision for EMS training. We are available in our studio, in the office, or at home. We would like to meet you in person!

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In the following sections, we detail all of our services. Services that are offered in specific studios can be found on the individual pages.

EMS training occurs in the therapeutic sector and functions in training athletes that perform on a competitive level. This process only takes 20 minutes! For over 7 years we have offered EMS training in our studios in Berlin.

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In our studios we offer cardio training on a treadmill or a cross-trainer. You can also train and improve your stamina with EMS training.

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Nutrition is fundamental to weight loss and obtaining a toned body. We offer nutrition counselling for our members and clients, to increase their chances of success.

You can also train without electricity in our studios! The functional training takes only 20 minutes and is a mixture of stamina and strength training.

Our private physiotherapist examines the musculoskeletal system and the skeleton. The results will be integrated in the EMS training.

Via a near-infrared body analysis we can determine your muscle and fat percentage of your body. By regular measurements we control your training progress.

We offer several types of massages. Whether a classic back massage or a medical massage, our trained massage and physiotherapy team helps you with any issues.

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It is no problem to fill a private prescription. Our private physiotherapist takes care of all patients, whether they are clients in our studio or not.

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Our therapeutical EMS-TRAINING is always supervised by our physiotherapist. This kind of training is always a personal training 1:1, without a training partner.

A friendly atmosphere and an extensive mentoring. EMS is an interesting alternative to a conventional fitness-studio. It is short, intensive, and sudatory.

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