We offer private physiotherapy in the studios at Ku’damm and city centre.

Services and prices

Remedial gymnastics is an umbrella term for certain exercises and techniques which the physiotherapist uses to treat the patient’s pain or correct defective positions.

Price: 25 min therapy cost 31,- Euro

Manual therapy is a systematic and physiotherapeutic treatment concept that takes care of the spine, the mechanics of the joints, and the muscular function. Thus blockages get loosened gently, the mobility of the joints get restored, and pain is eased.

Price: 25 min treatment cost 36,- Euro.

The lymphatic drainage serves to stimulate the drain of pent-up liquid in the lymphs, and avoiding the liquid to reenter. This goal is achieved by the masseur who gently massages and skims the skin in the course of the lymph’s channels.

Price: 25 Min treatment cost 31,- Euro.

The massage therapy is one of the oldest kinds of treatments, which eases muscular tensions as well as it activates the blood flow and the metabolism.

Price: 25 min treatment cost 30,- Euro.

Therapeutical EMS training is full body workout without strong forces on the joints. The training is always supervised by physiotherapist. Overall the training takes only 20 minutes, which makes it easy to incorporate it into a lunch break, or coming by before or after work hours. For every training, you get an appointment and always train 1:1 with a physiotherapist.

“Taping” is now used for over 30 years. It stabilizes ligaments and joints, hence protecting and preventing injuries.


Appointments can be agreed over 030 20 62 96 30. Online Bookings are only available for the studio in Stadtmitte.