EMS training is still a very young type of training and is constantly being developed further. In recent years, the system has been examined from a variety of angles and amazing results have been achieved.


A much discussed question is whether the training can be dangerous for the body in any way. A major uncertainty for EMS newcomers is especially whether the training could be harmful to the heart.


Does the training affect the heart muscle?


When someone tries EMS training for the first time, there is often a fear that the current will not only stimulate the skeletal muscles, but also other muscles, such as the heart muscle, and that it will be damaged.


A study in which patients with coronary heart disease were trained with EMS Training showed extremely positive and remarkable results. It was found that the subjects experienced a 96% increase in oxygen uptake at the anaerobic threshold. This means that the general endurance was greatly improved. In addition, the trainees achieved a 14% increase in muscle mass at constant body weight. This shows that more muscle mass was built up and body fat was reduced. At the same time, as the body weight remained the same – however, due to the increase in muscle mass the patient is fitter and has a higher energy consumption. Already in the resting phase.


The diastolic blood pressure was significantly lowered, which is particularly important in patients with coronary heart disease.  This reduces the risk of heart attacks.


The training was accepted by all participants, which is positive in so far as the test persons often did not participate in other forms of training after the therapy and thus their condition worsened. Due to the short and guided EMS training there was enough motivation among the patients to take preventive measures even after the medical treatment. There were no dropouts.

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EMS Training offers significant potential for the treatment of heart patients.


The fear of damage to the heart muscle caused by EMS Training is unfounded, as it has been scientifically proven to be very beneficial and effective for patients with heart disease.


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