Hello, John,


Thank you very much for making yourself available for an interview. I have prepared some questions and look forward to your answers!


1.Where do you come from and what do you do professionally?

I am originally from Norway, but grew up in Spain and now live in the great city of Berlin. My main job is programming and I am currently working as a freelancer.


2.  How much weight did you lose and in which period of time?

13 kilos between July and mid November. It has accelerated dramatically since I started EMS Training in September. Since then I have lost 10 kilos.


3.What was your motivation to lose weight and how did you motivate yourself?

After living in the USA for a long time, I was shocked by my reflection in the mirror. When I got on the scale, I saw the biggest number of my life, so I decided that it can’t go on like this.


4. Have you set yourself a fixed goal?

Since I am a pragmatic person, I have set myself small, achievable goals. When I started I was 108 kg. Then I decided to reach 100 kg. When I reached that, I wanted to go down to 95 kg and now my goal is to reach 90 kg.

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5. Did you make a plan on how to reach your goal?

Yes, first of all I wanted to eat consciously. What was possible for me in many ways, for example, I replaced orange juice with water, chocolate and sweets with fruit and the regular restaurant visits with homemade food. I also wanted to start exercising because I was totally out of shape. Although I have worked a lot with weights in the past, this time I wanted to have a method where I would feel guilty if I skipped the training (not the usual 1-year gym membership).


A good friend of mine introduced me to EMS training and advised me to do it in the morning before work. I tried it out and immediately arranged the next training sessions with the trainer. For me personally it made an extreme difference to have a personal trainer and fixed, regular appointments.


6. How did you manage to stay on it and not lose sight of the goal?

I managed to convince my girlfriend of this lifestyle. It made it so much easier to do it together, because when one of us had a weak moment, we motivated each other to keep going.


7.How often do you do sports per week and what?

I do EMS twice a week, and I would like to add something to that, like jogging.


8. Did you change your diet? If so, how?

Yes, very much. I am not on a special diet. I just pay attention to what I eat and how much I eat. I have started bringing my own lunch to work and I always cook my own dinner. I try to have a balanced diet, with the help of sufficient proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates. The source that tells me what the nutritional value of my food is is Lifesum.


9.What are the three most important tips you would give to lose weight?

  1. Understand how and what you eat and what effect it has on your body
  2. Exercise, in my case it has accelerated the whole thing.
  3. Set realistic goals and don’t get in the way of your own success. When you reach your goals, look at photos from the past, compare them and be happy about your success, because you don’t see the difference.

We take your training personally!

Your Aprosports-Team

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