EMS training at home

EMS training at home? How useful is that really?

Health and time are among the most valuable assets in today’s society. So why not combine both with EMS training? And, why not save even more time and simply do this effective training method at home?

What does EMS training at home actually look like?

With the growing popularity of this training method, the variations in EMS training are also increasing. In the meantime, private customers can also acquire the necessary equipment for their own training at home. In addition to the EMS unit, this includes vests, arm, leg and buttock straps, as well as the tracksuit and, for example, dumbbells, which make the training more variable. The company “Stimawell” even offers that you can rent the whole equipment. For this purpose, a FREE EMS partner is brought in at the beginning to instruct the hirer in the training method and to give him/her some tips. Afterwards the trainee can start directly and contact the FREE-EMS partner in case of questions. 

How expensive is EMS training at home compared to an EMS studio?

The purchase of the EMS devices including the vests is quite cost-intensive. In order to buy the device “miha Bodytec II” from the market leader “miha Bodytec”, currently about 8800 € are called up on “ebay” (as of 20.03.2020).According to the website “EMS-training.de” a studio membership costs between 80 and 120 € per month.

Thus, if one assumes the highest membership fee, one could conclude a membership in an EMS studio over 73 months with the 8800 € that one would invest in the EMS device. That would be over six years! If you assume the lowest membership fee, it would even be 110 months, that is over nine years.

With the rent, the whole thing looks similar, because as with the EMS studio, “Stimawell” states the price from 79 € per month plus the price for the band electrodes and the tracksuit, which however decreases further with longer rent. In addition, up to four people can participate in this rental package, who then pay less than half, so you can reduce the costs for each one.