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Mohrenstraße 17, 10117 Berlin


Phone: 030 20 62 96 30


Opening hours

Montag 07:30 - 21:00
Dienstag 07:30 - 21:00
Mittwoch 07:30 - 21:00
Donnerstag 07:30 - 21:00
Freitag 07:30 - 21:00
Samstag 10:00 - 15:00
Sonntag Geschlossen

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    Services in our EMS studio Berlin Mitte

    A training of 20 minutes is comparable to a 90-120 minute training in a conventional studio.

    More about EMS training

    The energy consumption of the body is increased by additional electrical impulses while running on the Crosstrainer. This makes the cardio training much more efficient.

    More about EMS training

    EMS training with TRX-Slinger, Kettlebells, barbell etc.

    More about EMS training

    The ’20 minute’ training without electricity. The aim is to make as many repetitions as possible for given exercises.

    We support you with the change of your nutrition, adjusted to your personal needs.

    We offer physical therapy, physiotherapy, manual lymphatic drainage, thermal therapy and many more.

    More information

    The selection of massages are a classical massage, sport-massage, back-massage, whole-body massage etc.

    More about massages

    Gather even more motivation with regular body analysis!

    By request you can get a towel provided by us after the training.

    By request you can get training clothes provided by us, so you do not have to bring anything with you.

    EMS training Berlin Mitte

    We opened our first studio in January 2012 at Mohrenstraße 17 in the centre of Berlin. It is located in the 3rdfloor and is exactly at the corner to Friedrichstraße. The tube is only 10 meters away and face to face there is a parking lot at ‘Quartier 205’ (entrance at Taubenstraße).

    Benefits compared to conventional studios

    One of the reasons for the founding of the studio was the lacking assistance and supervision in conventional studios. So we offer to provide you for your training with a personal trainer so you never train alone, as well as clothes for the training and a towel for afterwards. Another benefit is of course that you train on appointment at every training. This is the most effective way to overcome your inner ratfink!

    Development of our concept

    EMS training was used statical in the beginning, most of the exercises were performed standing. From year to year EMS training changed a lot. The exercises got a lot more complex and the speed of movement much faster. By the way in the beginning there was only EMS strength training.

    We offer Ems cardio training since 2014. As more and more requests for training without electricity reached us, we decided to provide functional training. This is a 20 minute high intensity interval work out without additional electricity.

    Optimizing the supervision

    After many requests for physiotherapy and massages we started 2016 to offer private physiotherapy and different kinds of massages. These are great to combine with the training.