Companies pay more and more attention on the amenity of the workplace and the health of their staff.

Sport in the office, respectively cooperations with health providers, are a good opportunity to ensure both. On the one hand the staff feels appreciated by the offer. On the other hand the days absent can be reduced by only one training per week.

Test us in your office for one day or let us explain the benefits of EMS training to you and your staff.

The EMS training can be carried out in your office or in our studios.


EMS training in the office

The training in the office is easy to carry out. A trainer brings once or twice a week the equipment with him. As the muscle is stimulated by a stimulation current, we can abstain from big machines. It takes up minimal space!

EMS training has the potential to gain more traction. Initially, we can come to you and your colleagues to present this training concept. Furthermore, everybody who is interested is free to test the training.

One hour of EMS training in your office costs 100,- Euro (zero rated for VAT). In this time slot it is possible to train 4 employees (twice at a time). The approach and the descent are included, there are no hidden costs. Bookings are possible off one hour per week at a run-time of at least six months.

EMS training does not require much space. We do not even need a plug socket, because the newest generation of EMS training works wireless. A work out takes about 20 minutes.

For every appointment, a top trainer is with you who has been trained in-studio and has outside experience.

 To every training session comes a top-qualified trainer.

The EMS training requires special clothes, which are brought to every appointment for you and your colleagues.

You can accomplish a lot with only one training per week. It helps combat back pain, improves posture, tightens the body, improves fitness, and helps with your focus.

Active and fit employees are healthy employees! Regular training reduces days of illness, which is a valid reason for EMS training in the office. On the other hand, the company can set 528,- Euro per year, per employee off against tax liability.

EMS training in our studios

There are several options for cooperation with your company, depending on the possibilities your company wants to offer.

Everyone who is interested in EMS training can schedule a free test training. This is non-binding and comes with no hidden fees or contracts. This takes approximately one hour. The clothes for the training, towels, and drinks are provided by us.

Groups of colleagues that want to sign up for the EMS training and pay for themselves, depending on the number of people, are eligible for a discount up to 20% off. 

We close a frame contract with your company over 40,- Euro per employee per month. This is not an assessable wage so it is set off tax liability for the company. Therefore the employees train two times per month, which is paid from the employer. People who want to train more frequently can comfortably book extra trainings. 

Your company buys 100, 300 or 500 tickets, which can be used for EMS training or massages. After the quota is fulfilled, you have to buy new tickets.