Functional training consists of dynamic exercises without EMS. Therefore we are not using machines, instead we choose exercises with our own bodyweight, the kettlebells, the TRX-SLINGS, a gymnastic ball or the TOGU jumper. The intensity is always adapted to your fitness level, so you will become fitter and more efficient. You train with a maximum of one additional client and takes 20 minutes.

The procedure of a training

You arrive five minutes before your appointment in our studio, so you have enough time to change. The clothes for the training are provided by us or you bring your own.

 You can warm up yourself on the cross-trainer or with a jumping rope. After that, you warm up the specific muscles targeted during your training that day.

Exercises and the amount of repetitions will be presented. Subsequently, the training starts. Every week you are challenged by a different training, triggered by the changes and the adapted intensity. You will notice your progress!

After the training, you can run out a little bit or go immediately into the shower. We’ve got you covered with a protein shake and can arrange a new appointment, so the ratfink doesn’t have a chance!