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EMS Training

Electronic Muscle Stimulation is a special for of strength training. In sessions of just 20 minutes you are able to work out your entire body, to strengthen your back, build muscles or lose weight – depending on your specific goals.

EMS goes back to the 1960s

Originally developed to boost athlete’s performances and to help them get back from injuries, EMS made it into the recreational fitness and health sector only during the last couple of years. As a time-saving yet holistic training method EMS has been a success in urban areas ever since.

We are constantly refining EMS

For fife years we have been offering EMS training in our studio and we keep refining it: By adding functional exercises such as push-ups, crunches or lunges and by designing work outs with straps, weights and medicine balls.

Try us out with a non-binding test training.

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  • We opened our first studio 5 years ago

  • Training always with a trainer

  • Training with a physiotherapeutic supervision

  • Test your back with our screening

  • Extremely joint-gentle training